If You Were You Hurt on the Job, Call Our Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

If You Were You Hurt on the Job, Call Our Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

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Construction sites can be dangerous places, but you expect your employer, the property owner, and the other trades to ensure safe work practices. When you’re injured on a construction site, you want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Gregory M Janks, PC will determine who is responsible for your accident and hold the responsible party liable.

Injuries can occur due to:

  • Unsafe work practices
  • Negligence by other trades
  • Dangerous equipment, machinery or tools
  • Falling equipment or materials
  • Falls

These are typically complicated cases, and there are instances in which no one is legally liable. Contact Gregory M Janks, PC today to discuss the facts surrounding your construction accident injury.

We’ll help you navigate your legal options

In construction accident litigation, the property owner, construction managers, general contractor and/or prime contractor are responsible for providing you with a reasonably safe place to work. Construction projects often involve multi-employer work sites and complex contracts between companies doing the work. Because of this, you should contact Gregory M Janks, PC to review the facts and determine your legal rights. Call 248-877-4499 today to schedule a consultation with a construction accident injury lawyer in Bloomfield Hills, MI.