Nursing Home Neglect & Liability

Nursing Home Neglect & Liability

Work With an Aggressive Personal Injury Lawyer in Bloomfield Hills, MI to Get Compensated For a Loved One's Pain & Suffering

If you or a loved one resides in a nursing home, you should be aware of your legal options when you are injured or mistreated. Gregory M Janks, PC is a nursing home liability lawyer who will stand up for your rights in cases involving:

  • Mistreatment by staff
  • Patient abuse
  • Injuries from neglect
  • Non-medical related negligence

We’ll talk about the facts in your case and determine where it falls in the legal spectrum. Call 248-877-4499 today to schedule a consultation with a nursing home neglect lawyer in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

I'll determine whether your case involves malpractice or negligence

In general, if the action or inaction arises out of a medical relationship or treatment, the claim will fall under malpractice. These claims have stringent notice requirements and the proofs can be strict and costly. I typically work with, or refer you to outside counsil in such matters.

If the claim arises from simple non-medical related negligence, the claim will be pled as a negligence claim. For negligence, the proof is simpler and less expensive. Attorney Janks has experience with cases involving bed sores, bed rail strangulation, falls and staff abuse.

Consult with Gregory M Janks, PC today about your loved one’s specific situation.